Evangelicals, Republicans, two Tar Babies
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Evangelicals, Republicans, two Tar Babies


In 1979 the Republican Party formed an un-holy alliance with the evangelical right wing.  They hit that tar baby right square in the fat mouth of devil worship.  Or is it the other way around – The Evangelicals signed a deal the the Republican Devil?  Unlike Faust, neither will survive the deal with the devil.

In the Faust story recorded by Goeth, Faust made a deal with the devil.  The deal was for 24 years.  In that time Faust could have any of his worldly desires met.  Sex, money, power – all was made ready for the man – Faust.  But there was a catch.  If at any time in the 24 years Faust became infatuated with any of the human desires – if he succumbed to their siren calls, he would lose his soul.

Faust prevailed.  At the end of the 24 years he was allowed to keep his soul.

In 1979 the Republican Party made their deal with the devil.  Jerry Falwell formed the Moral Majority and the Republican party embraced evangelical principles to win elections.  These were not, and are not, the Republicans of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Republican Party has lost its soul.  These Republicans do not fear the military/industrial complex.  Rather they embrace the ideology for personal gain.  The evangelical Americans have been duped, first by their Church and now by their political Party.

What have the evangelicals gained?  Nothing! Are there fewer abortions?  Has drug addiction abated?  Are families better able to feed their children?

The Evangelicals sacrificed their soul for power and control, for greed.

Their greed has led to a nation of debt.

They have created Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

They have created a climate of hatred and judgment.

They have fostered greed and a thirst for power.

They have created a ‘warrior culture.’

They have fostered wars and rather than spreading the message of Christ – they have alienated most of the world population. Is this the work of a loving God?
Under the direction of evangelical Republicans we have seen the rise and legitimacy of Casinos, Payday Loan Sharks, Predatory Lending, a booming Credit Card Industry, and rising health care costs that deprive 50 Million people of care.

The Evangelicals have succumbed to the deal with the devil.


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  1. That’s what happens when religious leaders commit spiritual fornication with political powers. Revelation Chapter 18.

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