Poll: Should Resident Aliens Get a Tax rebate?
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Poll: Should Resident Aliens Get a Tax rebate?


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I am interested in what the pulse of public opinion is on this issue. Please let me know where you stand. Notice that we aren’t using the term “illegal” for this poll. This is because the language of the Treasury department is not about legal and illegal, but about money resident time in the country, which is the issue here since that is the language that Congress is using to determine who gets the incentive checks.

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  1. I think people are thinking ILLEGAL immigrants. Why should not legal immigrants, who work and pay taxes the same as you, not get a rebate on taxes? We are a country of immigrants.

    I am natural born, but my father is an immigrant. He was an immigrant before he was a citizen. And I would challenge anyone in these threads to prove they worked harder, contributed more to the economy as an entrepreneur, and provided more jobs than he.

  2. Ian, your point is well made. Thanks for contributing to the fireside.

  3. My girlfriend is in the armed forces and is a resident. She pays taxes and deserves a rebate as much as I do, if not more so, she works her ass off.

  4. If they pay taxes to our gov’t, sure, if not then I say no. I however, do not want to discriminate, I say to all this should apply, citizens or not. This should read resident taxpayers.

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