Huckabee Prepares for 2012
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Huckabee Prepares for 2012


What is Huckabee doing? Does he believe that he can win the nomination from John McCain? Probably not. Is he trying to build strength so he can influence the Party Platform at the Republican Convention? Perhaps. But he is a young man and I believe he is looking to the future – to 2012.

The Democrats have won the 2008 Presidential Election. They can lose this race, but no one can beat them – the country is too angry. Huckabee reads tea leaves. Put that green tea in some hot boiling water of Revelation and the picture that emerges is Huckabee running for President in 2012 against an incumbent Democrat.

Huckabee is pretty smart. And he is patient. He is laying the foundation of a national image. A legitimate social conservative, party unifier, former Governor… he is building an image of party leadership.

He is careful in his challenge to McCain. McCain will be the leader of the party for the next four years. Huckabee will need McCain’s support.

This race is shaping up for the next generation.


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  1. Interesting Analysis.

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