Huckabee’s Hope for Future
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Huckabee’s Hope for Future


Mitt Romney has ‘suspended’ his quest for the Presidency. He is showing his business acumen. Large amounts of money have been invested in a marketing campaign that failed to sell the Bosco. Romney knows that he would be throwing good money after bad. So what does this do to the Republican nomination process?

These folks have just what they asked for. A fiscal conservative on one side and an evangelical conservative on the other. The marriage of convenience between these disparate factions of concerned citizens has been rocky at best and abusive at worst. This marriage may be on the rocks.  The ideologies are mutually exclusive.

But Huckabee stands to gain with Romney’s withdrawal. Huckabee will not be the nominee – but he will have enough support to dramatically influence the Republican Platform that comes out of the convention. Huckabee will establish himself as a national figure – breathing life back into the convulsing Rush Limbaugh and disoriented Ann Coulter.

This shaping of social conservative versus fiscal conservative could lead this country to a third party or independent candidate.

The race is shaping up. And there will be consequences.


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