Making Fun of Christians – or just making fun?
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Making Fun of Christians – or just making fun?


Humor is the essence of sanity. Check out these videos. Humor has been my salvation, relieving me of the insane conflict of being a human – aware of myself and others – and aware of faith as both inspiration and superstition. Christian jokes abound – fueling awareness of human conflict. But what is humor – humor is found in the ludicrous and the absurd – and ludicrous absurdity abounds in the human understanding of God. Hard core Christians who have lost their sense of humor call the humor blasphemy.

I like this one: “I don’t care who you are. If you drop that cross one more time you are out of the parade.”

You are more of a Christian than I ever was. I am proud and happy for you. I am happy that you chose a mainstream denomination that has a history of sanity. I often write about fringe faiths, sometime holding them in outright contempt – but holy cow, it is just so much fun.

Anyone who is reading this must have a computer. People get on the internet everyday, with faith that the process is intact and will deliver timely information. This is nothing less than faith in science. The science of computers is the same science that promotes the idea of the Big Bang, evolution, and Global Warming. So when a Christian denies science most of the rest of the world gets a good laugh. That is the way Jesus set it up.

Jesus is on the cross, shouting, “Hey Mom, I can see our house from here.”

I can’t think of any funny jokes in the Sermon on the Mount, but surely Jesus had a sense of humor. We know he had a sense of humor because he created orangutans and Mormons. If you don’t know any Mormons just go to the local zoo and check out the primate house. No, that is wrong, monkeys are monogamous. Sorry about that insult to monkeys.

Muhammad had a well defined humor – He convinced those guys that hiding in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan was a good life. He must be sitting in his heaven, poking his cousin Jesus in the ribs, rolling in laughter. God, their Father, just rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

“I don’t care who you are, get back in the boat and help us row.”

There is a difference between making fun of the application of the Christian faith, and making fun of Christians.


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