John McCain waffles on issues
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John McCain waffles on issues


Over time every politician has to address his past record.  Sometimes they become ‘enlightened’ along the way and change positions.  This is not a problem.  As issues become more clear – as we sift through the nuances of complex ideologies – sometime we realize that we need to shift our position.  Unfortunately, some shift for pure political gain.

John McCain has a troubled history of shifting for political gain.  Is this the nature of politics – or does this describe someone who has no fundamental principles.  That depends.

As Monday Morning Quarterbacks, gifted with hindsight, we are blessed with clarity. Politicians can frame their decisions in the context of history and we Americans will understand.  But to blatantly change positions depending on the audience is an egregious violation of trust.

Check out John McCain.

Well, is this a man who has made amends with himself for poor choices?  Or is this a man who plays to his audience?


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