Pimpep by David Shuster and MSNBC
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Pimpep by David Shuster and MSNBC


MSNBC has reached a new low in political reporting. David Shuster referred to Chelsea Clinton being “pimped out” by the Clinton campaign. He offered a Chris Matthews sort of apology on Morning Joe this morning. Like Chris Matthews – it was a non- apology.

MSNBC has consistently attacked the Clinton campaign. Matthews has been the most egregious. And when Matthews was forced into his non-apology David Shuster praised him as a brilliant journalist and suggested that he did not need to apologize. MSNBC should stop pimping these ‘good old boys.’Matthews, Russert, Scarborough, and Shuster have embarrassed the network.Well, I should rephrase that – No one at MSNBC seems to be embarrassed about anything. It is a sad day for a real journalist like Brian Williams – he is forced to associate with the lesser beings.

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  1. Why are we surprised by this kind of behavior. The only way these people get the celebrity status they do not deserve is because people tune their dials to them. The best way to break up good ole boy networks is through their pocketbooks. Stop watching and the ad dollars disappear.

    I am a registered Independent and still remain completely undecided in this election. I see pros and cons to all of the current crop of candidates. That being said the attack on the Clinton campaign using the terminology of “pimped out” speaks more about the low standards in journalism of MSNBC than it does about the Clinton campaign. Suspension is ridiculous, the man should be fired. As a matter fact all of these useless talking heads who avoid any kind of real discussion of issues should be scrapped.

    My personal solution, I get my news on the internet from places like the BBC, Le Monde, The Observer, Der Spiegel and Haaretz. I read about the comment on Huffington Post and saw the video clips. Could believe this moron was stupid enough to take on the Oxford educated Clintons. He should fired for his stupidity. Surely MSNBC can find better educated journalists!

  2. David Schuster has shown himself to be a capable and responsible journalist many times in the past. For Schuster to be so demonized for one unfortunate remark is unfair, and to suggest that he be fired is utterly absurd. This fits perfectly into the narrative of victimhood that Hillary has built around herself, and thus many of her supporters have taken the cue to sharpen their knives and call for Schuster’s head.

    As for all this “his apology wasn’t an apology” junk, Schuster doesn’t owe you an apology. He owes you nothing. The only people who have any rightful claim to an apology are the Clintons. As for everyone else, I can’t fathom where all this rage and righteous indignation is coming from. If your fragile sensibilities were really so injured by the term “pimped out,” by all means turn off your TV, because I don’t see how you can bear to watch anything but the weather channel. In this country, the speaker should not have to moderate their language to protect your sensibilities. That’s a good thing, because as this incident points out, people are way too easily offended.

  3. CitizenFace,
    I don’t normally respond to comments – but yours is well written and thoughtful. You are almost right. David Shuster’s comments were mild. My issue is with MSNBC and particularly with Matthews and Russert – these two are regular chauvinists and are defended my MSNBC – their charade of news coverage led to the climate that David Shuster found himself. It is a sad day for journalism.

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