What Makes a Liberal – 2008
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What Makes a Liberal – 2008


Definitions shift. Words take on new meanings. Ideas are interpreted in the context of time and culture.  Conservative and Liberal have taken on new meanings.  Let’s look at the word liberal in 2008.

Barack Obama is called a liberal.  But he is only a liberal in the context of the issues facing this country today.   In 2008 liberals support these ideas:

  • Support the recommendations of the 911 Commission.
  • Provide health care to children.
  • Maintain a minimum wage.
  • Support embryonic stem cell research.

Readers – Is being a liberal a bad thing?


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  1. Please cite the portion of the US Constitution that allows the Federal government to provide for universal health care and force a minimum wage on employers. Then please cite one Founding Father that supports your interpretation of the US Constitution?

    To answer your question, yes being a liberal is terrible and Un-American.

    As Always,
    Your Humble Servant

  2. The great thing about being a liberal is it is your constitutional right to choose to be so. What a blessing to have that right!
    Who doesn’t want children to have health care? I fear that even if this issue isnt just a political hot topic, the government will wind up providing inadequate health care for all. I am not interested in the government having any control over health care, FEMA and the local Louisiana government should have proven the governments faults when people expect it to save them or provide for them. Why so many liberals want the same people responsible for what they claim is such a government catasrophy to handle something as important as health care is beyond me. I will take the right to choose, thank you, and by my choosing where to go it will drive competition and advancement between heath care providers.
    As for minimum wage, force evryone to pay a minimum wage of $22.00 per hour! That will solve alot of problems for part time workers, elderly and college students. The rest of us who are actually supporting families, the community and working hard to do so then will have to take on a minimun wage job in order to pay for the things we cant do without- food, clothes, etc. Keep the minimum wage low or abolish it, entry level positions are just that, let people strive for advancement and opportunity, if it is not available at thier place of employment move on. Once again, options and choices, thats freedom.
    Embryonic stem cell reserch, I believe that the same thing can be done with cord blood, an option that comes of natual methods and does not require science that may be questionable to some. It interests me that libs preach free choice and individualism but many times will not take into account opinions that vary from thier own. I support free choice, although I certainly do not agree with the hypocritical notnions of most on the left.
    Our forefathers expected that we would use our freedom responsibly, and we have that duty to do so for each other, and our country. We can be individuals and still be part of a greater good. Meeting on common ground, that is another story.

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