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Ron Paul and


One writer on our magazine staff has contributed twelve articles on Ron Paul. This writer does not agree with Ron Paul and has been open and honest in his appraisal. But the Ron Paul supporters have been belligerent and mean spirited in their attacks.

The Editorial Board of have graciously agreed to allow more coverage of Ron Paul’s candidacy than any other media outlet. has generated a number of post on the 2008 election. Every candidate has had his day – some more favorable than others.

Ron Paul has been fairly represented by Several of Ron Paul’s campaign videos are presented in their entirety. The writer generally offers his comments and analysis – but the videos are unedited by thefiresidepost.

The truth is that accurately reflects the views of their authors and the Editorial Board has allowed a variety of content. We are proud of our writing and of our insight into this very important process.

We on the Editorial Board remain encouraged that so many people are so passionate about this election. We agree that this is a time of crisis in America and we must have change. We encourage the Ron Paul supporters – and all others – to participate on our comment boards. We will continue with an open forum for dialogue.

We will continue to report on the world as we see it.

2-15-2008 – READERS – We were forced on this day to remove all comments by a certain Ron Paul supporter – his tirades were becoming increasingly vulgar and  threatening.  sorry


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