Skipjack Politics
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Skipjack Politics


The Chesapeake Bay separates the DelMarVa Penninsula from the rest of the world.  The folks on the Eastern Shore have always had their own ideas about  the world.  With the power on independent thought they changed the world.  And these folks vote just like the rest of us.

In was on the Choptank River that the skipjack sail boat was created.   The forty foot vessel revolutionized crabbing as a business.  The wooden skipjack would be the vessel of choice for over a century.  These folks on the Eastern Shore again have the opportunity to influence the future.  This time they are a part of an election process to select the nominees of our two party system.

These folks just don’t listen.  They actually think for themselves.  They are fiercely independent – and they will vote according to their understanding of the state of the nation.  They are worth paying attention to.

The peninsula is divided by three States, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.  The votes will be counted by state – but I believe it would be useful to segregate the Eastern Shore votes – I believe these independent folks might just be a microcosm of America.


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