An American Epic – the Election of 2008
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An American Epic – the Election of 2008


Pay attention.  Don’t blink.  We are watching history unfold.  We are seeing voters showing up for Party Primaries in numbers that are unprecedented.   The Democratic Party is drawing twice the number the Republicans are drawing.  We see a black man, a woman, and aging war hero, and an evangelical Christian minister in the final fray.  And the voters are consistently drawn to the candidate who proposes the most epic of changes.

The theme of the fall election is shaping up.  All of the candidates are now using the magic words: change and hope.

The probable Republican nominee, John McCain, talks of his hopeful optimism that individuals, unharnessed from government intervention, will rise in character and prosperity.  Senator McCain is emphatic: Government should only do for people that which they cannot do for themselves.  McCain has seen the popular response to Barack Obama and is trying to capitalize with simple words.

Hillary Clinton has one of the best political organizations ever assembled for the purpose of winning the Presidency.  Senator Clinton is clear and specific on any issue presented.  She is a true student of government and politics and is able to articulate her views with excitement.  She is privately dismayed that she does not possess the natural charm and charisma of others.

Senator Barack Obama brought the secret and magical words to the scrabble game.  He wins points for identifying simple single syllable words that resonate with the entire populace – he brought the vernacular of change and hope.  Senator Obama points to history – to times when hope seemed futile, but hope and optimism prevailed.  The litany of American success when hope is embraced is powerful reinforcement.

There are the stubborn naysayers of past politics.  Fearful of change, uncertain of their role, scared of the future, they are wildly vocal and animated.  They are threatening and throwing the immature tantrums of the spoiled elite.  There will always be those shallow, selfish, demagogues who cannot stand anyone else being more prominent than them.  Their insanity is frightening and dangerous – but hope does not run and hide from danger.

In any other country there would be an armed insurgency, and armed insurrection.  The bastille would be stormed, and heads would roll.  Foreign Embassy’s would be captured, hostages taken.  Martial Law would be imposed.

But not in America.  Not in this great country.  The force of epic change in a free society is shocking the most experienced politicians.  The world is watching.

America is once again giving lessons in the power of the vote.


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