Roger Clemens on Steroids
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Roger Clemens on Steroids


I live in the Kansas City area – so that might tell knowing sports fans what I think of Major League Baseball.  But the Royals aside – there is something terribly wrong in Baseball.

The use of steroids by some players is now evident.  Several have been tested and found positive.  Several have come forward to tell the truth about their use and the use of others.  Some of the trainers have come forward with stories of steroid use by their players.  Some of the players deny any use.  Roger Clemens is one of the greatest players in the history of the sport and he has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs – Roger Clemens adamantly denies any use.

Roger Clemens is testifying on Capital Hill today – he is forceful and impassioned in his denial of steroid use.  His detractor, a trainer, sits at the same table telling a different story.  Who can know the truth about Roger Clemens?

We can know some truths.  There is something terribly wrong.  There is a cloak of silence cast over the honor of baseball players.  Anyone who talks to prosecutors or legislators or the media, exposing the use of steroids, is condemned by the other players in general.  This is the culture of illegal drugs.

The idea that being a ‘snitch’ is an evil endeavor speaks to an evil and dangerous culture.  We live in a free society where it is critically important for honest citizens cooperate with authorities.

The ‘snitch’ mentality speaks to a culture that does not trust authority.   The snitch mentality speaks to criminal thinking.  The snitch mentality speaks to organized crime.  Three are players who do not take steroids but know about the use of steroids.  They do not speak.  They do not tell.  They are a part of the problem.  They are the problem.

This catastrophe has cast the shadow of criminal activity over Major League Baseball.  Crime that is condoned and protected by everyone who participates in the sport.


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