Kevin Spacey as Mike Huckabee
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Kevin Spacey as Mike Huckabee

This election cycle is so dramatic. It seems as though, no matter who wins or how it plays out, the 2008 elections would be a prime candidate for a made-for-TV movie.

First of all, I think that Mike Huckabee’s character would be played by Kevin Spacey. Spacey could totally play the over-anxious, yet uncannily cool Huckabee. It would be a variation of his “American Beauty” masterpiece, except he would be unafraid of dying because of his salvation rather than the fact that they already told him it was going to happen in the first few minutes of the movie.

Jack Nicholson, as McCain, looks with his steely eyes into the young but dapper Tiger Woods (Obama) and growls, “You can’t handle the truth!”

I think that people would tune in, though it might have to wait a while, since the stations that would air it are busy ramping up coverage of the actual elections. Some behind the scenes material might play well, though, and you could even dream up some juicy stuff that didn’t really happen, just to give people a twist. Not that they do that for made-for-TV movies. They excuse the juice with ‘dramatic license.’

For a list of other characters and who might play them, check out our forum where you can contribute directly and give us your ideas. I have several ideas already, like John Travolta for Mitt Romney (He already did the part in Primary Colors, mostly). I’s a fun conversation, so I hope that you will join us.

A few thoughts: Is there a role for Jack Nicholson (McCain – with the make-up guy from the Batman movie), or Al Pacino (Ron Paul), Candice Bergin (Hillary), or William Shatner (Bill Richardson). And how about Tiger Woods – who do you suppose he could play?

Other possibilities:

Halle Berry as Michelle Obama

Larry the Cable Guy as Mike Huckabee

Star Jones as Whoopie Goldberg

Jane Fonda as John McCain’s mother

Nichole Kidman as McCain’s daughter

Chris Matthews as Senator Larry Craig

We are still up in the air about a director.

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