Animal Cruelty and Torturing Humans
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Animal Cruelty and Torturing Humans


The FDA has closed a ‘slaughter house’ for cruelty to animals.  Actually, the cruel treatment of animals prevented FDA inspectors from performing complete inspections.  We could be talking about the Guantanamo prison for ‘enemy combatants.”

I put ‘enemy combatants’ in quotes because we really don’t know who is being held at Gitmo.  Without representation, without trial, without even a hearing, human beings are being kept in cages.  This representation is used by civil libertarians to draw images of cruelty.  The records show that most of these prisoners have excellent health care have have each gained weight while incarcerated.

But better health care and more food than American children are offered does not translate into humane treatment.  Would anyone seriously consider trading places with those incarcerated at Gitmo.

But here is the point of this post.  Animals in slaughterhouses have more rights than people held captive by the Bush Administration.  They have never water boarded a cow.


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