Internet Stalking on Digg and other Social Networks
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Internet Stalking on Digg and other Social Networks


As you are aware, we have been assaulted by an internet stalker. This one person has left 600 messages on our site, has left over 6000 messages on Digg, with about a hundred on Digg directed at me personally. This person has an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and directs his attention to the interactivity of the internet. What are legitimate users to do?

Fortunately there are spam blockers, and I have activated our Askimet blocker to target this one individual such that none of his tirades gain access to our site. We have an open forum, anyone can comment. Our writing covers politics, government, social justice, religion, and family values – thus we are necessarily controversial. We attract the friends and the enemies of all issues we address. That is good. We are happy to offer an outlet of free discourse. We believe this is healthy for our country in general and people in particular. The comments on our site are about 50/50 pro and con.

The interactivity of the internet, and particularly of blogs, offers an outlet for life frustrations. There is a personal reward in feeling like one is participating in a larger society. Most of this discourse is healthy and productive – even in disagreement. The problem comes with individuals who are mentally disturbed, poisoned by pain and hatred, overwhelmed by life.

When an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, influenced by regular use of marijuana and other mood altering drugs, finds an outlet – the illness will consume a person. The illness will take over their lives and compel them to act out their irrational thoughts.

One of these folks visited our site about six weeks ago. That person has become obsessed with attacking anything written by us. They have found our profiles on the social network sites, particularly DIGG, and they pound away with venomous hate. One Saturday evening this person left a message every minute for an hour – obsessed with his tirade.

So I ask our readers – what are legitimate sites to do? The second question is this – do the social network sites, like Digg, have any responsibility to monitor content? Their computers could easily flag a person who contributes over 6000 comments. The assault has become so bad that I have considered removing my profile from the social network sites. I am embarrassed to have the tirades of the sick person associated with my work.

Disagreement is very different than obsession.

Readers – We are looking for advice. (Be sure to click on the Digg button below.)


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