Jesus, Lindsay Lohan, and Family
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Jesus, Lindsay Lohan, and Family


When did Christianity go crazy? History suggests it was about twenty minutes after Jesus returned to heaven. The flirtation with sanity continues, but a reluctant populace defies the message. Reluctant in many ways.

“I’ll give you my problems Jesus, but first we have to properly prepare them. Problems are things we have to work on or they might go away. If we had no problems there would be no place for you, dear Lord Jesus.”

Lindsay Lohan is a very public example of a family gone awry. She is really not too different than others her age – she just suffers the indignity of public disclosure. The zaniness of humanity manifests itself in her biological father.

Mr. Lohan is a convert to Crazy Christian Charlatanism – the triple ‘C’ of Christ-out-of-context. One has to wonder if his ministry is in the interest of promoting Jesus. Well, we don’t have to wonder very long – need I state the obvious – his ministry is not about Jesus – it is about his own attempts at selfish public redemption.

These Charlatans of Christianity have driven a wedge between the message of thoughtful Christianity and the intended audience of Jesus.

When a gifted and talented person, like Ms. Lohan, is raised in wacky insanity – what outcome are we to expect? My heart goes out to this young lady who appears destined to fulfill the prophecy of her family.

Is it possible that the real Jesus could help this young lady?

Well, what do you think? Is this man legitimate?


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