America – Hope, or Prozac Nation
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America – Hope, or Prozac Nation


When Columbus left Portugal over five hundred years ago it was with the hope of finding a water route to Eastern trade. He found a new land. When the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, it was with the hope of freedom of religion. When Jamestown was founded in 1608 it was with the hope of free trade. When our Founding Fathers ventured into the world of western liberal government – it was done with hope for the future. America defines the word – Hope.

The mentality of conservative talk radio is sour. There is no hope. The terrorists will continue to attack. The economy will fail unless we encourage the common man to bury himself in debt. The lobbyists will continue to run Washington, D.C. Criminals will overrun the land. Our Judicial System is flawed with activist judges. Big Government will continue to invade our lives…. On and on… Is it any wonder we use terms like “Prozac Nation.”

Barack Obama has already done this country a great service. He has raised the bar, he has challenged the political establishment to think in terms of Hope. Hope with a capital ‘H.’

“Yes we can,” Obama shouts.

“No, we can’t!” comes the chorus of deep seated Washington politicos. But the people are listening to Obama. The voters are turning out in record numbers. This phenomenon is not lost on the old guard. They are seeing the trend, they are beginning to believe. Even the smelly right guard are paying attention. Conservative talk radio has been forced to talk about hope. They don’t like the idea, but they have to talk about it.

Obama has already won. He may or may not be the nominee; he may or may not be the President. But he has won. He has won because he has defined the debate.

Obama has restored the soul of the American frontier. Did anyone leave Boston in a covered wagon shrouded in gloom and despair? No – they left on an adventure of hope for the future. There have always been naysayers – You will die in the wilderness, the wilderness of hope. You can’t have a dream. You can’t go to the moon. You can’t defeat communism. Whoa – what was that? Communism? Even Ronald Reagan had hope.

The optimistic hope of Reagan has been lost on the current gaggle of Republicans catering to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. John McCain is waffling on hope, catering to the doomsday prophets of the religious right. McCain has fallen in line with the head goose, flying south, fearful of impending winter.

Obama is steadfast. Steadfast in Hope.


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  1. Just a little correction. Even if Columbus lived in Portugal for sometime, more precisely in Madeira Island, when he sailed to the West, he sailed from Cadiz, which is in Spain. I’m Portuguese, but imprecisions in history always make me winch.
    For the rest, well post 🙂

    Best regards


  2. Sorry, not Cadiz, but Palos de la Frontera, a little to the north, my bad 😉

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