Declaring Independence from Politics as Usual
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Declaring Independence from Politics as Usual


This is truly an exciting election.  I have said Revolution, and the numbers continue to support that conclusion.  Wisconsin is important.  This state represents a string of victories for Barack Obama – with a two week break before the next big primaries in Texas and Ohio.  But are there any other demographic changes from the past?

Exit polling indicates that Obama has a substantial lead.  Wisconsin is predominantly white middle America.  The claims of race seem to be discounted.  Obama was expected to win so the question is by how much?  The exit polls suggest that Obama continues to broaden his base of followers.

The ‘blue collar’ workers of Wisconsin are abandoning Clinton in favor of their neighbor, Barack Obama.  White women over the age of fifty seem to be committed to Clinton.

The point that I find interesting is that the early predictors of demographics have not held through the actual primaries.  This suggests to me that people are on board with the idea of hope for the future.  The people are willing to load up their ship and cast off for the new world.  There are unknowns in the frontier of Obama – but this never before stopped the wagon trains from heading west.

Unknowns did not stop the Founding Fathers from declaring independence.

The people of America are declaring their independence from politics-as-usual.


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