McCain is a Mall Walker – Letterman
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McCain is a Mall Walker – Letterman


David Letterman really took off on John McCain. Is this a sign of things to come? Are the comedians going to make fun of old people, or just John McCain? Does humor have boundaries? Not in this case. McCain has put himself out there – knowing as an experienced politician that all thing are fair game…..

I am an older man. I have no control over my age. I cannot do anything about it. I cannot make myself younger. So is my age fair game for a joke? Barack Obama is an African American. Hillary is a woman. We are who we are and had no choice in the matter. So are these qualities fair game for jokes?

Young people sometimes take shots at me like, “Did you take your Viagra today?” Then they laugh among themselves. Is this funny? Well, I had better laugh or they will really go after me – people are like wolves, when they smell blood the pack swarms.

I have to say that when McCain gripes about Obama’s fund raising he reminds me of the Letterman caricature of the grouchy old neighbor..


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  1. My dad taught me alot throughout the years, but one of the things I can really give him credit for is teaching me to be able to laugh at the world around me and perhaps even more importantly to laugh at myself. I will go to his house and, depending on his mood, he might rattle off a few oddly inappropriate jokes. I usually just smile and shake my head at him, but it does remind me that it is OK not to always be serious about serious issues. I think that maybe you have become a bit too serious. So, yeah, laugh at the Viagra joke. I laugh through several short jokes a week. Laughter is good for the soul. (Of course, I have to take a deep breath on that fifth short joke. Those do get old.)

  2. Jokes are not supposed to be FAIR, they are supposed to be funny! I guess you have not heard any political jokes before. Remember Ford? etc..

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