Lynching O’Reilly by Olberman
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Lynching O’Reilly by Olberman


Bill O’Reilly stepped across the line – The line of decency that most of us outside of FOX News lives by. Lynching was a horrific practice of murder and intimidation to demonstrate to other African-Americans that they have no power – that we have all the power.

O’Reilly used several phrases, ‘lynching,’ ‘tracking down,’ are terms used by the KKK.

See also: Hate Crimes and The Jena Six.

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  1. Not to give O’Reilly a pass, but Olbermann does the same to O’Reilly. The two of them have had an ego battle for years (one of the numerous reasons why I don’t watch either of those talking “pinheads”). Personally, I think both networks would be better off by if they released the two of them and had them sign up for MTV’s Celebrity deathmatch.

  2. I clicked send too soon. hahaha . . . additionally, lynching, which commonly used in reference to hanging, in general refers to executing without going through the proper legal channels. Now, Michelle did say something stupid (and twice), and for an Ivy League schooled graduate, she should have known what she was saying (and I think she did). However, do we need to “lynch” (see above, also known as “trial by media” these days) her for this? No. She’s a spouse of a candidate, and not the candidate itself. We should make fun of her for saying something stupid, and then hold the candidate themself responsible for correcting the comment made on his behalf.

    Ok, now I’m done. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. O’reilly is scum…his country fried viewers should know what lynching parties are and how we don’t go on them anymore, unless! UNLESS! Michelle Obama thinks something that shatters your fragile worldview. Then it’s totally justifiable to go and do. F-you common sense…you are not.

    just like patriot act denies patriotic dissent.

    just like clean water initiative allows corporation to pollute our waterways.

    your twisted attempt in naming yourself what you are the opposite of is pathetic. eat it “pinhead”…isn’t that an O’reilly slam word? I think you do watch the falafel guy…and are basically as much a scubag liar as he is.

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