The Lockhorns and the Clintons
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The Lockhorns and the Clintons


I was reading about the Lockhorns today, and I was thinking of the parallels with the imaginary home life of the Clinton Family .

Check this caricaturization:

It’s four o’clock in the morning, Leroy(Bill), when will you concede?

The Lockhorns and the Clintons

Leroy (Consider Bill):
Loretta’s loudmouthed leering husband, Leroy is brash, opinionated and abrasive, but you can’t help but love him nonetheless. He watches women and sports while watching out for his suspicious spouse. Fortunately for her, most times he’s parked in front of the television, sound asleep.

Loretta (Imagine Hillary here):
She’s Leroy’s stabilizing influence — except when she cooks or gets behind the wheel of their long-suffeing car, then she’s every bit as dangerous as Leroy’s uncontrollable mouth. When she’s not keeping her husband out of trouble, she’s off to “shop till she drops.” But no matter what problems come their way, they realize they’re together “till death do us part.” And they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Bill and Hillary Clinton, what can I say?


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