Ralph Nader is a Beetle
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Ralph Nader is a Beetle


Ralph Nader is running for President – again. Well, he is not actually running for President – he is running for wackiest looney to have ever achieved notoriety. His sad story began with legitimate consumer safety studies that changed the way people view transportation. He changed the world of auto making – and in the process lost his reality bearing.

This man forever changed America and the world. He has almost single-handedly rescued consumers from abusive Corporations. And he discredits a lifetime of work with silly insignificant political forays. Like Ron Paul, he has enough of a radical following to drain votes from more legitimate candidates.

Here is an interview of Nader by Bill Maher:

This guy, Nader, is an astute observer of strategies and courage – but he fails to understand how he can be most effective in the political arena.

Nader became famous when he qualified the dangers of automobiles, and particularly the Volkswagon Beetle – but what has be become?


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  1. Rather than draining votes from the more “legitimate” candidates, perhaps people like Ralph Nader are proving the point that there actually needs to be change. I am not a Nader supporter but I love to see more choices! People like Nader, Paul, and Perot come about because people who tout change and leadership in either of the current parties usually never come through. The people running currently dont give me much hope, and as for Obama, he is a very good salesman.
    Choices are our greatest freedom, and you make it sound as though its ridiculous for someone to voice thiers since it varies from yours. I couldn’t claim to know what is best for the country, but I would like to see someone in office who is there for the benifit of the nation and not thier political careers. The choices offered by candidates not in the normal loop seem radical, and difficault to incorporate. Voting for the regurgitated variations of the same old candidates in either party who continue on the same two paths will make any change, minor or significant seem very radical. Choice gives great opportuniy, only two candidates from two parties does provide choice- the least of two evils.

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