William F. Buckley- dead, but not gone
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William F. Buckley- dead, but not gone


The country has lost one of the great minds of the 20th Century. William F. Buckley has died. Mr. Buckley was a prolific writer, journalist, commentator, debate host, and educator.

I remember about twenty years ago, before laptops were functional, Buckey reported that he had eight computers. One for everywhere he would find himself sitting. Buckley could type 120 words a minute, faster than the old word processors could manage.

Mr. Buckley wrote essays, political commentary, government analysis, and children’s books. He hosted the important Frontline on PBS.

He was considered a conservative. I found him to be thoughtful. He was respected by all as an intellectual – and with cause. Mr. Buckley did not allow his emotions to distort reason and logic – which set him apart from the modern conservative.

When Limbaugh and Coulter stand up as representatives of the conservatives I just whence. That is because I think of the example of Mr. William F. Buckley.

This is a voice that this country will suffer without.


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  1. William F. Buckley Jr, Founder and Editor of National Review Magazine and father of modern conservatism died today at 82. Buckley was a giant intellect that articulated the conservative cause like no other possibly could. Back in 1996 I was a member of the Convocations Committee at Weber State University, We invited Mr. Buckley to speak and I had the honor of having lunch with him and listen to him speak. His speaking style required the listener to think about the words spoken because they were delivered at a higher level than most political speakers of today. He spoke in a manner remenisent of some of the great orators of history. He never talked down to his audience, and assumed thier intellengence. All conservatives owe him a debt of graditute. He is in company the giants such Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Rush Limbaugh. Conservatism has lost another one of its great mouth peices but his words and ideas, which are based on eternal principals and natural law, will endure beyond any of us.

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