The Personal Presidency of George W. Bush
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The Personal Presidency of George W. Bush


The history of leadership is couched in government structure.  Monarchy, Parliamentary,  Republic, Dictator, or pure totalitarianism.  Our country, The United States of America is a Republic – ruled by law.  Laws are constructed by a Congress that answers to the people.  Thus the idea that the people rule the country.  George W. Bush has a different idea about rule.

Alison Weir wrote an astounding biography titled “The Life of Elizabeth I.”  In the author’s preface Ms. Weir notes: “In her time, monarchs ruled as well as reigned, and the personality of the sovereign could have a profound effect upon the history of the kingdom.  This is a study of personal government at its best.

I submit that the Presidency of George W. Bush is a story of personal government at its worst.

President Bush ignores the rule of law.   His personal ambition and interpretation of world events takes precedence over the law of the land.  We can debate the right and wrong of ideology on specific issues – but we cannot ignore the structure and purpose of our government as defined in our Constitution.  Yet President Bush ignores that which does not suit him.

The flavor of this obtrusive personality is now written in history.

President Bush wanted to get even with Saddam Hussein – “He tried to kill my Dad.”  So he invented WMD’s and contrived to engage this country in a personal vendetta.

President Bush strong armed the telecommunications industry into breaking privacy laws in the interest of ‘national security.’  Now he proposes retroactive laws to protect those who broke the law.  A sort of reverse ex post facto maneuver.

President Bush has directed his operative to ignore laws governing NAFTA and free trad agreements – resulting in Ross Perot’s prediction of ‘a strong sucking sound from the south.”

President Bush has protected big Corporations, directing the Attorney General to ignore violations of predatory lenders, health insurance companies, and the oil industry.

President Bush ignored the Geneva Convention and chose to address enemy combatants with mid evil treatment.

President Bush regularly overrides the intent of Congress when signing bills by simply adding his own qualifiers at signing ceremonies.

President George W. Bush has ignored the rule of law, he has ignored the balance of powers.  President Bush has reigned and ruled as a Monarch.

Our Legislative and Judicial branches of government have been derelict in balancing the powers.  This Government is not working according to plan.
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