Politicians dancing with Olberman
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Politicians dancing with Olberman

Live video entertainment is infecting the ranks of politicians. What are they to do? President Bush seems to enjoy a little frivolity – that may be an understatement. Barack Obama risks the rhythm of race. Hillary is careful singing – and she should be.

The ability to speak eloquently is a given in today’s media obsessed politics. But how about singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments? Unfortunately, people vote on personality. We hear the phrase, “He is the kind of guy that you would want to have a beer with.” As if that is the fundamental qualification for President of the United States.

Having a beer may not be the quality of a President – but personality and likability are important qualities of candidates – if they don’t win the vote they don’t get to spin the wheel of fortune as an office holder.

Keith Olberman is getting better at his job. This video is a thoughtful summary of the dancing candidates. They remind me of bears in a circus.

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