Hillary’s Dignity Tank Is On Empty
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Hillary’s Dignity Tank Is On Empty

McCainJohn McCain is a sharp politician. Many people have criticized his decisions, his shifting allegances, and his fence-sitting positions in this primary. But he is winning. He has a lot of exerience winning and he has enough foresight to know that he has to make some smooth moves and some hard decisions to unite the party so that he can secure the White House in November. Mike Huckabee has made a statement and made a name for himself in the Republican Primary, but he hasn’t done it at the expense of McCain or of the Republican party. Somehow, the Democrats can’t figure out how to do that. Maybe they should take a few plays from the other playbook.

I have been excited about this election because there seem to be great choices on both sides and an opportunity for healthy debates that will only serve to give a voice to the people. The Democrats, however, are certainly making enough of a circus out of their primary to hedge any excitement that might be building.

stand 4 changeSenator Clinton is making a stand for the votes in Michigan and Florida as she tries desperately to maintain some dignity in the race, something that is looking more and more difficult for her at this point. The Washington Post this morning had this to say about the Clinton Camp:

“Clinton, adopting an increasingly indignant tone, described the voting controversy in both states as part of a question of democracy — albeit one that just happens to address her deficit in pledged delegates.”

Couching her position as one of concern for our Democratic process is a sure way to squander any surplus of dignity that she might be holding back for her inevitable defeat, either in the Primary or in the Genreal Election.

John McCain is sharp. And he will drag you into the spotlight, prop you up, and make you explain the elements of democracy that you claim to be upholding. Then he will leave you there while he does his inaugural address. The success of Barack Obama has represented well the desire of the people to see something different. Sore losing and petty squabbling is not different. In fact, it seems to be have been the battle cry for the Democratic party in the last couple of cycles.

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