Political Bracketology by Pundits
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Political Bracketology by Pundits

We are coming out of the political semi-finals.  The Old Man beat the Evangelical.  Now the Old man is poised to face off with the winner of the Black Man versus White Woman contest.

Are these useful characterizations?   Personally, I don’t think so.  But if we listen to the 24/7 cable news channels we will find that about 23 hours and 42 minutes are framed in this simplistic context.

Barack Obama gave a speech on race in America.  He challenged American to consider the nuances of the human condition.  Obama honored America by assuming in his rhetoric that we are capable of grasping and understanding complex social interaction.

Yet the pundits continue to frame the political bracket in the context of race, gender, and age.   What does this tell us?  There are a couple of possibilities.  We can be sure that Obama has more faith in the intellectual capacity of America than the Pundits have.  Or, the reaction to the speech may reflect the lack of intellect represented by the the Pundit media.

My notion is that there is a good case to be made that the Pundits are merely shallow regurgitaters rather than the astute analysts that they claim to be.

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