Does God need Government Welfare?
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Does God need Government Welfare?

I may not write well, but I know how to read. And I like to read the Washington Post section On Faith. The advent of evangelicals calling for a return to the moral values of the founding fathers is to be commended. I completely agree.

Steve Waldman is “co-founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of, and author of “Founding Faith.” He wrote a great piece in the Washington Post, check it out here. I will offer a few quotes:

“What does this mean in terms of modern church-state fights? I don’t know whether Baptist leaders like Isaac Backus or John Leland would have wanted prayer in public schools or not, but I imagine they would be saddened by the emphasis on that cause placed by many of today’s religious conservatives. I can hear Backus shout: How tepid is your faith if you think it can be easily shaken without constant reinforcement by a government-run school! How ineffective must be the churches – and parents — if you rely on the public schools as the only way to keep your children away from depravity! Crutches are for the weak or ill. Backus and Leland would exhort: God does not need the support of government to prevail.”

What is he saying? Should we allow prayer in public schools? Should we post the Ten Commandments in the lobby of every school? Should our schools celebrate Christian Holidays and ignore all others?

Waldman has done a good job of succinctly presenting the case of the founding fathers. Go to the Washington Post and read the article. He has some wonderful quotes from Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

I wish I had written the post.

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