Diplomatic Gutter Balls
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Diplomatic Gutter Balls

There were two major news developments in the past few days. The President of the United States was in Europe on a diplomatic mission and a Senator from Illinois was bowling in Pennsylvania.

Can you guess which received the most media attention?

BUCHAREST, Romania — President Bush suffered a painful diplomatic setback Wednesday when NATO allies rebuffed his passionate pleas to put former Soviet republics Ukraine and Georgia on the path toward membership in the Western military alliance.

The decision, to be made final on Thursday, was sure to be cheered by Moscow, which heatedly opposes NATO’s eastward expansion.

Hat tip to the Huffinton Post.

What is it with the media? Barack Obama’s bowling score is a bigger deal that the President’s diplomatic score?

Obama is a master of the diplomatic lanes, Bush should stick to cutting brush on his ranch.

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  1. Yeah… I’ts pretty sad when a Senator’s bowling score takes precedence over an attempt to stabilize two potentially useful allies. I’m living in Kiev, Ukraine right now and I can tell you that this country needs a way to become more independent from Russian foreign policy. Good take on matters as they stand though… kudos!
    -cheez out-

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