Obama on Hardball, 4-2-2008
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Obama on Hardball, 4-2-2008

Barack Obama is the guest on Hardball’s College tour. I’ll give some summary comments.

Matthews: “How do we know you are tough enough?”

Omaba: “…I am leading in a contest with a very powerful political Clinton machine – I think I have proved I am tough…”

Matthews, “Can you ignore public opinion to do the right thing, are you as tough as Dick Cheney?”

Obama, “…We should not ignore public opinion, we should shape public opinion. And we can do that by using the truth rather than fabricating data…”

They are taking a break – I will post and then update

4:16 PM Obama, “We will invest in our youth an our youth will invest in America. We should have more grants and fewer student loans.”

Obama on his spiritual life, “When running for President we pray even more. I am a Christian and I hope what I am doing is good for the people in our country. You have to get your ego out of it. There is a flap because of my former Pastor. He said some things I deeply disagree with. I tried to give a speech the clarify my position. You forgive people and you try to understand the, God will make the ultimate judgement.”

Obama, “I am not in favor of merit pay based on test scores. Special Ed students may be behind and teachers should not be punished for that. We should not have a single high stakes standardized test. I believe in creating career ladders for teachers.”

Obama, “We just need one more vote to sign Stem Cell Research bills, and I will be President.”

Mathews present a Russert like terrorist hypothetical. Obama, “I hesitate to engage in hypotheticals – but I would not hesitate to protect the country. John Kennedy’s greatest mistake was engaging in military activity that was not thought through – his greatest achievement was showing restraint with the military.

Obama, “Good and honest and accurate intelligence begins at the top.”

Barack Obama is just very comfortable in his own skin – what does that mean – It means that he has a very healthy self esteem. He is equally at ease with being humble as he is with being proud and forceful. And he has the judgment to know when to do what.”

Break for commercials again……….

Matthews, “What is it like to be a black man with a white mother?”

Barack Obama is The Color of Water

Obama, “Race is a convenient way to stir things up. We have to address the different history of people – but our hopes and apirations are the same.”

Matthews – “Why did you not leave that church?”

Obama, “Those things that were said do not represent Rev. Wright’s thirty years of ministry. The question is, What is actually going to make a difference in the lives of people?”

Barack Obama will be one of America’s greatest President’s. Being better than what we have will not be difficult.

Obama, “I am not in favor of gay marriage but I am in favor of civil unions. Laws should apply equally to all couples. We eliminate discrimination.”

Obama on inner city schools, “Part of what we have to do is start with the earliest years – including the parents…. Regular health checkups for children.. Good screening for hearing deficits… Children should start school already prepared… We should pay teachers more and give them more support… Summer programs and after school programs give children something to do… Then we have to follow up with giving the children hope for their future and help direct children into hopeful futures….”

They wrap it up……..

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    I loved hearing Obama on Hardball. He did a great interview. Here is a basic transcript and commentary….

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