Ring of Fire – and Walk the Line Videos
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Ring of Fire – and Walk the Line Videos

Johnny Cash sings “Ring of Fire” 1963

Here is Joaquin Pheonix with his impersonation of Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire, along with a moving moment from the movie ‘Walk the Line.’

And here are more of the songs from ‘Walk the Line’

And here is Johnny Cash singing ‘I Walk The Line’

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  1. Oh thank you thank you!
    I have been in love with Johny Cash’s voice since way back before I even knew his name. What a voice. and for Juaquin to replicate it, made me obviously fall head over heals with him as well!
    I choose to see this movie as often as it comes on TV, and I never tire of it simply because of their voices. The duets with Reese are so incredible, their voices are supreme together.

  2. Who wouldn’t like the man in black. Well, communists I suppose. I think John Cash is just what the music industry craved then and still does. And not just country music but all genres. He teamed up with Rick Rubin who was a known rock star and rap artist producer. Just the two songs I know are ‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails, and a Smashing Pumpkins song, which the title eludes me right now. He believed in prison rehabilitation and the Lord. Paving the way for other “Outlaw Country” artists like Merle Haggard, Hank Jr, Waylon, Willie and Kristofferson to name just a few. Thank you Mr. Cash

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