Pope in America
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Pope in America

Bill Maher is on a role in this video.  Maher directly takes the Pope and the Catholic Church to task.  Referring to Pope Benedict as John Paul’s Dick Cheney, Maher hits this nail right on the head.

The value of comedic interpretation of current events is never more evident than it is in this monologue by Maher. Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, and Bill Maher have raised the act of comedy to an art form.  They use their art to interpret life, to present perspective.

Comedy is not limited by political correctness.  In today’s world, the challenge to comedians is to challenge political correctness, to expose the foolishness parading around as politeness.

Comedians are able to call events as they are, rather than as we would have them.

Check out Bill Maher comparing the Catholic Church to the polygamist religious sect recently raided by law enforcement in Texas:

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