Copycatery – By Steven Colbert
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Copycatery – By Steven Colbert

There is no one like Steven Colbert to pound an issue home. The Colbert Report hosted both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama last week. Clinton had inked the deal before Obama – so – imagine this, The Clinton campaign is accusing Obama of being a copycat.

We are reaching for new lows in this Presidential campaign. I capitalized Presidential on purpose – what images does that word conjure? Stately, honorable, dignified, worldly, mannerly, Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart…

There was a time when news folks had the shadow stature of a President. Walter Cronkite comes to mind. Today we have George the Greek and Charlie Gibson taking cues from the likes of Shawn Hannity.

So it falls to Colbert and Stewart to sift through the news and present factual chronologies such as is demonstrated in the following video.

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