My Stimulus Check Stimulates Me
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My Stimulus Check Stimulates Me

Here is what I am going to do.  Plain and simple.  I am going to spend my gov’ment stimulus check to help the economy.  I have a whole list of things that I am gonna do.  Here it is.

Right off, I am going to pay my car insurance for a year – then I don’t have to be worried none about those monthly payments.  Then I am going to go get some new clothes.  I am thinking about a new pair of Rockport shoes, a couple pair of Levi 501’s, some new summer shirts, and some new socks to go with those Rockports.

Then I am going to have a birthday party for three of my grandchildren who are coming of age this summer.  Perhaps I will rent the bowling alley and invite all their friends – I’ll have the parties catered by Pizza Hut.  Drinks are on me.

My old truck has some rust so I already talked to Jim Bob, down at the auto collision repair shop about plugging the holes and  touchin up the paint.  That old truck has another fifty thousand miles in it, I bet.

We are needin a new couch and some lawn furniture – but I am not greedy or presumptuous, I will have to spend my money wisely – I will buy the lawn furniture at Wal-Mart and the new couch will be a regular old Sears and Roebuck model – don’t waste any money at expensive furniture stores.

I have been eyein a new shotgun down at the hardware store.  With that shotgun I can fetch home some food next fall – that will save me some money.  My neighbor is giving his money to his fourteen year old grand daughter for an abortion.  I don’t think that is right – she should pay at least half.  Her boyfriend don’t need to pay nothing because he already paid the whole thing the last time.

The checks are in the mail – or so I am told.  I am a waiting – waiting because I don’t believe in having debt.

Oops!  Where is my gov’ment getting the money to spread around to me and my buds?  Someone said they is borrowin the money from the Chinks or Japs or Micks or Limey’s or or Whaps or Heimys’ or  somebody like that.

But hey, so we go in debt a little.  Look at all the good stuff we get.

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