Ann Coulter – a study in journalism
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Ann Coulter – a study in journalism

One of our readers recommended that I read some Ann Coulter.  Not one to dismiss our readers outright, I found this intriguing documentary by SuperNews.  The depth of study is reflected in the Ann Coulter-like bibliography.  Ms. Coulter thinks of herself as a professional journalist – and who in the mainstream media today has the right to challenge that assertion?

A friend of mine sits in a tavern several nights a week.  He drinks six to eight cold pale ales.  His wife thinks he drinks too much.  But he counters that his friends at the tavern are there six nights to his five, and they each drink ten to twelve – they don’t have problems with their alcohol consumption – so case closed.

This is Ann Coulter’s logic.  Her peer group of Rush Limbaugh, John Hagee, and Sean Hannity are much more absurd – thus she must be mainstream.

This dramatic recreation of Coulter’s life has actors playing the roles of Limbaugh, Hagee, and Hannity.  See if you can tell who is playing who:

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  1. Ok, I’ll admit, that was pretty funny. I suppose Ann Coulter is a little on the extremist side. Fortunately Liberals have not stooped to that level, leaving their publicity to the likes of Michael Moore and Jane Fonda.

  2. omg this woman is … agr eatid iot
    but she does serve to show that one doesn’t have to be intelligent, have any natural talent, or even be marginally pleasant to become really famous in this country.

    I couldn’t tell who plays who. I’ve stopped listening to 910 AM radio because these very people were so boring to listen to. Even back then I couldn’t tell them apart since other than their voices they didn’t have any personality to differentiate them from one another.

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