John Cusack – Serendipity of War
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John Cusack – Serendipity of War

Well now, John Cusack is up in arms. Cusack is that actor who used to make the chic flicks that even the men enjoyed watching. My favorite is ‘Serendipity.” But I like his latest work also. Check this out:

My first take was wondering what had gotten into John Cusack. I had never seen him as a political activist – but then I realized that more people have voted in the Presidential primaries than at any time in our history. People in general, and John Cusack in particular, are really fed up with the current administration.

Our government is brilliantly organized into three branches of power – a system of checks and balances – with each branch checking the other such that power is not focused and abused. Our Republican controlled congress is as responsible for the war and the economy as is George W. Bush – perhaps more so. Bush was trying to do something – and his lackey buddies in Congress shirked their duty and sold out the American people to win favor with the Executive Branch.

How contemptible. You go – John Cusack – get involved. Keep up the good work.

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