Joan Baez – “It ain’t me babe” (Video)
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Joan Baez – “It ain’t me babe” (Video)

I was a huge fan of Joan Baez in the 1960’s. But I did not really understand her music or her message. I thought I did – I was one of those adolescents who believed he had a total grasp on the rights and wrongs of life – but I was sadly mistaken. I am approaching that time when people are referred to as elderly (I’m not there yet) and I find myself reflecting on life.

Ms. Baez gave life to the music of the Brilliant Bob Dylan. As I thumb through the Joan Baez interpretations of music today, I realize the importance of her music.

Here she is singing “It ain’t me babe,” written by Bob Dylan.

Comparing an artistic interpretation to the writer’s intent is always meaningful. Here is Bob Dylan singing his work, “It aint me babe.”

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