Where have all the flowers gone (Video)
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Where have all the flowers gone (Video)

We in America find ourselves engaged in another war – a war contrived by a self serving White House. Illegitimate intelligence on an incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam provided the impetus for the President to justify expanding our military presence in Southeast Asia.

The same song is being sung by our current President. Forge intelligence reports, then garner continued Congressional support by making the war an issue of support our foreign based troops.

“Where have all the young men gone? They are all in uniform.” Where is the artistic protest of the current war? There are a few standing up for right. Bruce Springsteen is one.

But the 1960’s brought out the best in artistic interpretation of current events. Check out Joan Baez in later years singing her rendition of the Dylan song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone.”

Where have all the artists gone?

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