NBC Fails the Olympic Opening Ceremony
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NBC Fails the Olympic Opening Ceremony

NBC has completely failed in their presentation of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China.

A masterfully choreographed 2,008 drummers, rhythmically moving in unison, were to cast a staggering effect of art in motion. NBC thinks they are at an NFL game and demonstrated how many cameras they have on the floor by showing closeup of about ten drummers at a time – completely losing the effect of 2,008 people acting together.

The Chinese have painted a masterpiece and NBC is busy studying the brush strokes. We were not allowed to appreciate the picture because NBC believes a great painting is best viewed with a magnifying glass.

The Chinese were not trying to focus on any individual – but NBC sent their football producers – people who can only appreciate individual performance.

NBC has no idea what they are doing at the Olympics. Let us hope that they fire the producer before this night is out and hire someone who appreciates the grandeur of the great pageantry.

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