George Bush Started a Joke (Bee Gees Video)
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George Bush Started a Joke (Bee Gees Video)

Does anyone think for a minute that George W.l Bush will ever realize the tragedy of his Presidency? He smiles and cavorts around the world, giving profound speeches while sternly looking into the camera. Does he not realize that everyone in the world is laughing at him?

Barack Obama was received in foreign lands as a celebrity. John McCain is making sure that we are all quite aware of this fact. But McCain does not understand. Obama is not received as a celebrity for his own charisma and intelligence – the world is hoping for something other than George Bush. McCain does not offer the promise of anything different.

McCain has to present Obama as a joke – it is his only recourse. But then, even Bill Clinton is envious of Obama’s world stature.

The Bee Gees wrote and performed a song predating George W. Bush – but President Bush could learn from the lyrics:

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