McCain Drives Religious Wedge to Promote War
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McCain Drives Religious Wedge to Promote War

John McCain is driving a deeper wedge of religious animosity to promote his own version of Cowboy Diplomacy. In a speech this morning on the conflict between Russian and Georgia McCain was quick to note that Georgia is a country that has embraced Christianity.

Does this religious embrace, by itself, justify their defense. No, an McCain does not suggest so. But McCain is using the ‘religion card’ to play on the emotions of the American public. If a Christian chooses to jump into the lion’s den, is it automatically our responsibility to declare war on Rome? Would McCain have mentioned religion if Georgia had embraced Islam?

McCain thinks he is clever in his emotional appeal to the American public to promote his neocon vision of America as the police of the world. Russia attacked Georgia after Georgia attacked their small breakaway province of South Ossetia. A Province that borders Russia. Georgia failed to recognize the basic wisdom of: There is always a bigger fish.

The McCain/Bush mentality recognizes the wisdom – but they believe that the United States is the biggest fish and therefore has the right to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and to whomever we want. This Cowboy Diplomacy has degenerated our military, our economy, and our stature in the world.

John McCain has lost his Presidential stature. His arguments are emotional and manipulative. This dangerous time in the history of man calls for objective, rational, mature, and thoughtful consideration.

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