The Bush Library, Top Ten List of Locations
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The Bush Library, Top Ten List of Locations

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is headed for the campus of the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and in full George W. Bush fashion it is bundled with a policy institue that is intended to promote the ideas and values of the 43rd President. This would not be a big deal in itself, since the current administration has been hard pressed to sell its version of a moral code to the American public, but the destination is a purported institution of higher education. That part is a problem. Exporting ideology is not what Universities are all about – well, not explicity, anyway. So, here at the Fireside Post, we would like to introduce some of the more appropriate places that we have come up with for the location of the Presidential Library and Policy institute:

10. President Chavez is considering a library in his honor in Venezuala, perhaps Bush could get a room in the back to put his things and export his imperialist ideology.

9. Yucca Mountain. The Bush Presidential materials would fit right in with the other toxic waste.

8. Next year Beijing will have some real estate available, and they are all about controlling information to influence public opinion and exporting political ideology by force. Maybe the library can go there.

7. New Orleans, the Ninth Ward – to be opened in August.

6. On an off Shore Oil Rig, about fifty miles south of New Orleans. Seasonal opening from August through October.

5. The Larson B Ice Shelf in the Antarctic – oops, never mind, it isn’t there any longer – Global Warming erased it from the planet

4. West Texas at the Annual Rattlesnake Roundup.

3. New Zealand – where they filmed the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Bush is clearly from Middle Earth – that place where conquest is held in high esteem.

2. El Paso Texas, on the border with Mexico.  They could have a big steel fence running through the center – thus justifying why the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

1. Baghdad – The Green Zone.  Where better to commemorate the Bush Presidency?

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