Obama, McCain, and Elitism
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Obama, McCain, and Elitism

This writer finds the current political process somewhat disheartening. The sadness is that we the people are getting what we ask for. Political sniping has become an essential element of political campaigning.

In this video we find Barack Obama pounding John McCain on McCain’s elitist view of the economy. McCain had been asked how many homes he owns – this writer fails to understand the relevance of that question. But McCain was in a spot – he and his wife happen to have a great deal of money – and he knew that the thirsting media would make a big deal out his family owning several homes. So McCain gave a political answer, hoping to deflect attention. He said, “I’ll have to have my staff get back to you.” If he had said we own ten homes with a total value of 15 million dollars the scrutiny would have been equally belligerent.

Obama is going after McCain for avoiding the question – but Obama’s attack is justified in this particular campaign. At least Obama is telling the truth – McCain’s campaign, approved by McCain, has viciously attacked Obama with out right lies.

These candidates have to understand that their attacks reveal their own character as much as they expose the other candidate. That is not all bad. We live in a hard world. America suffers regular verbal and diplomatic attacks by other countries – Hugo Chavez in Venezuela for example. The response by the candidates to viscous attacks gives some insight into how they might respond as President.

Or does it? Here is Obama on the stump (Thanks to the Washington Post).

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