A Season for Hope – Ted Kennedy
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A Season for Hope – Ted Kennedy

This writer grew up watching the Kennedy family. We watched and followed John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. We cried with the nation when those great men were assassinated. We were saddened when Senator Ted Kennedy seemed to fail the legacy. But Ted Kennedy is a man who demonstrates that there is salvation in America.

Ted Kennedy – whether you like his politics or not – has become one of the most influential, forceful, and effective United States Senators in our great history.

The evangelical fundamentalists who regularly rail against Kennedy received their education on Kennedy sponsored Pell Grants. Their children receive better health care, and their pay is higher because of Ted Kennedy.

Here is Ted Kennedy at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He is frail from age and a recent struggle with a brain tumor. Check him out here – thanks to MSNBC for the video:

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  1. By age four I loved going with my mother supported by my father to city council, board of supervisor and NAACP meetings. As a pre-teen the actions of willful murder of beloved leaders and the lack of answers from those in authority had a profound impact on my live. However, Senator Ted Kennedy, was a shoulder that I too, leaned on. This summer my uncle gave me a surprize phone call. He told me that he had just left a meeting with other elder relative and they knew it was time to pass the torch to the next generation to be a legacy to our ancestral history for generations to come. Monday night at the Democratic convention I could not help but feel That Senator Kenendy, in his own quiet way was passing the torch to a new generation of innovation, technology and green stewardship. With sixty nieces and
    nephews How far has Senator Kennedy seen into the future. My grandmother always said it was better to give a person their roses while they can smell them. Well, Senator Kennedy, you’re a hero of my. I have silently leaned on your shoulders since the 1972 Democratic convention. The experience envoked great fear in me. It took many decades for me to recapture the innocent passion for politics. Yet, I watched you in a Senate hearing from California for many years. You gave me courage. Today I have a network of people that trust my observations of local, state and federal political issues. I thank you for your strength.

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