Michelle Obama for First Lady
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Michelle Obama for First Lady

Glamorous, intelligent, kind, good judgment, well spoken, great parent, good taste in men – what is not to like about this lady? She is speaking tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Many people do not know or understand the power of this great lady – a lady this writer would be proud to have represent him to the world.

And that is what we are really talking about. The First Lady – the wife of the President – is a position that affects all of us. She is the person who has the ear of the President. Nancy Reagan made sure her President husband was up to date on his astrology. Eleanor Roosevelt made sure her husband maintained his social conscious. Laura Bush lends credibility to her harangued husband.

Michelle Obama will speak to the nation tonight at 10:30 PM – I hope that means 9:30 Central. We expect her to introduce herself and her husband to the many people who are not political junkies. This will be an important speech and may set the tone for the convention.

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