Dichotomies of Political Philosophy
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Dichotomies of Political Philosophy

We live in a world of politics – but politics creates strange bedfellows. The Republican nominee for President, John McCain, is about to pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the Vice President spot on the ticket. What a strange turn of events.

Governor Palin is a fierce conservative – and that creates a real dichotomy for Republican voters. Governor Palin talks tough on abortion, gun rights, gay marriage, military intervention… you name it, she talks it.

But conflict abounds. John McCain wants the hillbillies from Ohio and Pennsylvania to vote for a woman. Sure, these folks believe in owning AK47’s for deer hunting – but they also believe that women should be pregnant in the summer and barefoot in the winter.

This pick is a huge insult to supporters of Hillary Clinton – suggesting that women only supported Hillary because she was a woman. For the Republicans – any woman will do.

The good old conservative base believes in June Lockhart as Timmy and Lassie’s mother. They believe June Cleaver should stay home and fix supper and clean house and do as her husband commands.

Governor Palin will go to Russia and point her finger in Putin’s face and scold a stern warning, “Just wait until your father gets home.” Her approach to the Democratic Congress will be forthright – “I am going home to the White House and tell President McCain what you said. He will take you out to the woodshed and switch you.”

I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has inspired a nation. Governor Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Johnny Horton – his other song seems appropriate give the current Republican Administration:

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