Gov. Palin should withdraw as VP Candidate.
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Gov. Palin should withdraw as VP Candidate.

The pressure is mounting.  Her whole life is unraveling.  The people of small town America are learning the extent of scrutiny a National campaign entails.  Sarah Palin should withdraw from the VP nomination to protect her children, her future son-in-law, her home town, her church and pastor, and her friends.

The scrutiny is horrendous.  Until now, John McCain has stood the test of the microscope.  But McCain’s pick for Vice President has shown that his maverick judgment would gamble the future of America on uncertainty. Governor Palin is a tough politician – there is nothing about this withdrawal from the VP spot that discredits her.  Quite the contrary – sacrificing her potential career in Washington to protect those she loves will be the final weight on the scales of decision.

Joe Biden was elected to the senate in 1972.  Before being sworn in his wife and daughter were killed in an automobile accident.  His two young sons were seriously injured.  Biden responded by saying he would not accept the Senate seat, stating, “Delaware can get another Senator, but my boys cannot get another father.”  The leaders of the Senate agreed to go to Delaware and swear Biden into the Senate in Biden’s son’s hospital room.  They agreed that Biden could communte to Washington so he could be with his boys.  A politician of great character will always put their family above ambition.

We will see the test of Sarah Palin’s character – what does she really value?

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  1. Your headline is dishonest.

  2. We shall see

  3. God I hope so. Wishful thinking though, McCain needs every backwater NRA type and this redneck family is perfect red meat for them.

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