Andy of Mayberry for President
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Andy of Mayberry for President

One of the Republican talking heads was on television today saying that there are about 100 cities of over a million people in America and there are 10,000 cities with fewer than 10,000 people.  “We are a nation of small cities.” That is their defense of Sara Palin for Vice President.  Whooee!  Why don’t we just get Andy of Mayberry to run.  Just a note: This writer lives in a small town in rural Missouri.

Barney Fife could be the Secretary of Defense.

Gomer Pile could be the Secretary of State.

Fred the Barber could be Secretary of the Interior.

Goober would lead the National Security Council.

Aunt Bea would be the Ambassador to the United Nations.

Otis could be in charge of the Food and Drug Administration.

Give the world some real regular guy talk: “By golly Vladimir, you shouldn’t aught to have gone and picked on Georgia.”  Vladimir will probably come to the office and lock himself up in the jail.

Problem solved.

Call Governor Palin at BR-549.

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  1. Great! Only one problem….Andy is a democrat!!!

    What would Obama be in your small town? Community organizer??

    Here are the facts: Palin has governed. She has reformed. Check her credentials.

    Obama’s accomplishments are virtually non-existent compared to hers, much less John McCain’s. You people keep screaming “change, change, change”, but if your team wins you’ll be screaming “change it back”!!!

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