Republicans have no Shame!
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Republicans have no Shame!

The Republican attack machine was operating at full steam in their criticism of Barack Obama as not having enough experience to be President.  Then Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee for President, chose Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.  Now we find all of the Republican strategists bowing at the alter of Andy of Mayberry.  This is not just one candidate flip-flopping on an issue – the entire party has flip-flopped.  Have they no shame?  No they do not.  The Republicans have hit the bottom of shameful behavior.

Shame permeates this election cycle:

  • The defense of Big Oil Companies is shameful.
  • The Karl Rove politics of mud slinging with lies and innuendo is shameful
  • The failure to recognize science and further contributing to global climate change.
  • The defense of tax breaks for companies that send American jobs overseas is shameful.
  • The failure of this administration to enforce regulation of the mortgage industry is shameful.
  • The failure of the Republicans to monitor, let alone regulate, predatory lenders is shameful.
  • The failure of intelligence that led to long term war, killing thousands of American troops, is shameful.
  • The failure to adequately care for the wounded soldiers coming home from war is shameful.
  • The failure to capture of kill Osama Bin Laden is shameful.
  • The failure to acknowledge science again – promoting creationism in public schools.
  • The failure of the war in Afghanistan is shameful.
  • The failure to protect the Bill of Rights is shameful.
  • The failure to engage the world community in the battle with criminal terrorists is shameful.
  • The failure to defend the working class of America is shameful.
  • The failure to separate Church and State is shameful.

The Republican Party is shaming America on the world stage.  ‘Screw them,’ the Republicans say.  ‘They are either with us or against us.’… ‘Don’t like it, bring it on.’

Governor Sarah Palin never had a passport until 2007.  She had never traveled outside of this country.  The world has something like 160 to 170 recognized countries.  These countries have encompass a huge spectrum of government ideals and cultural values.  There has not been a successful President in the modern era (20th Century) who was not well traveled before becoming President.  The least traveled of all modern Presidents is George W. Bush.  This speaks to a fundamental lack of curiosity about the world.  Curiosity is fundamental to intelligence.

The Republican President Teddy Roosevelt claimed a great leader needed two things to be successful – the intelligence to recognize a problem and the courage to fix the problem.  This writer adds the quality of integrity to that equation.  We have seen what happens when we elect a President who lacks fundamental curiosity about the world around him.

The promotion of Sarah Palin as being qualified to be President is shameful.  This writer feels embarrassed for the Republican hierarchy forced to defend a decision that they know is wrong.  The Republican Party was the party of Lincoln, T. R. Roosevelt, and Reagan – men of character and honor and pride.  The GOP was once a party of character, honor, and pride.  Where is the character, the honor, the pride in the current Republican leadership?

Will the sadness of inept Republican leadership ever end?

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  1. Quoted from above,
    “Governor Sarah Palin never had a passport until 2007. She had never traveled outside of this country. The world has something like 160 to 170 recognized countries.”

    So the assumption is that she is in no position to lead America with no foreign policy experience. Kind of like a Presidential candidate wanting to just pull out of Iraq and quit the war with no military experience.

  2. No military experience? Like a national guard pilot who does not complete his obligations and uses connections to conceal he didn’t show up for flight medical exams? Or got six deferments to avoid serving his country like some VP I know? Or an administration full of chicken hawks eager to send other people kids to war? OK. I see what you mean about no military experience. Worked so well, maybe we’ll elect a candidate who won’t release his medical or military records, with a running mate for VP with how much military experience (none)?

    There is no constitutional requirement for the President or VP to have any military experience. OBVIOUSLY.

    How about the little fact that the majority of Iraqi and American people want us out? How about the fact that US war veterans are overwhelming in their belief that we don’t belong there, and are supporting Obama by a factor of six to one?

    How about the fact that the whole UNECESSARY war which was founded on lies, executed by the most inept squad available, is bankrupting our nation because our “leader” just puts it on the China credit card. The issue of our skyrocketing debt should be enough to end this nightmare – go see “I.O.U.S.A” and get some sobering facts about the effect of borrowing $20 billion a month so that Iraq can accumulate its surplus. We are on the verge of financial ruin as a nation and nobody is talking about it.

    It so sad that in a nation where all citizens can participate in governing, so many are basing their voting decision on lies and ignorance. And so many who are still busy dishes out more lies. Whatever your political leanings, isn’t it worth checking your facts on the issues, instead of just accepting the lies?

  3. hi okfinethinks

    that was a good point..i just checked freaks me out. why no coverage on the msm? downloading iousa now…just look at the list of panels, all prominet figues..

    first off, im not american. just a guy from south east asia whos been following your politics(mainly elections) for 2 mths now..surfing left and rght just to try to interested because u r the only superpower and the leader could dictate the how the world gonna be..not just 1 or 2 hrs daily..try 4pm-6am (i’m on holiday but still crazy, i think)

    but after the rnc i kinda lost my interest. reason: LIE…its normal that for politicians to lie, even here(but normally they just lie about their promises) but once ppl know bout it. you are done… But not in america.. its so absurd to the level of an insult. what did they do? they keep lying again…man. their balls must be made out of stone or shameless. i’m sorry if i offend anybody. i’m still noob, but lets just call a spade, a spade. am i too naive or was it always like this?

    i’m not an obama fan, but i checked both sites for plan and follow up with debates of the plan by right and left wing.
    since i’m not an american i dont think i should give my opinion on that matters, but as a citizen of the world, obama is clearly the better choice to bring back the america that we used to admire. if sen mccain wins, iran gonna be the next much more do you have to spend? ( i just checked the articles from Martin van Creveld, an israeli talking bout why it shouldnt be a war with iran) even my bosses from district managers to ceo are all americans, and they understand why. we talked about this all the times. they even said, for all the sacrifices of the brave soldiers in iraq, billions of dollars spent, 7 years later american still live in fears.
    president bush still doesnt know the diff between sunni and shiite, hamas and hezbollah or al-qaeda(or he doesnt care…but i doubt it) usa kinda turning into V for Vandetta the movie, live in fear (with the exception of killing their own ppl..)

    makes me wonder, is it just the democrats affected by the economic problems? or americans are too divided in term of politics? dont get me wrong.. i’m not implying we are better democraticaly, cause we are not. but, during the election in march, the government lost the majority in parliament for the first time in history. one of the reasons: gas increased from less than a dollar to less than 2 dollar per litre, the world gas at that time was USD140 per gallon (sorry, we use litre..take into consideration that we have our own alaska, thats why its cheap, but it affected other things ) another reason: leaders are out of touch with the ppl.. not so much reasons but it was a huge reality check for them..

    ALL THE BEST okfinethinks…for you and your fellow americans..

  4. @okfinethinks,

    We could go back years and talk about current and past presidents, I am focused on upcoming administration for President, not VP. I served over 8 years in the military and had to beg to go to Iraq. I guess I’m the one of six. I have already talked on this subject previously, but no one was drafted to the military, all inductees are told they are property of the US Govt and that they may have to go fight, regardless of what they think. So I really do not want the bleeding hearts speech about our military doing their job, they volunteered. Whether the war is right or wrong they knew what they were getting into. President Bush can only send United States Marines to war on his own accord, Congress decides the rest. And it was our DEMOCRATICALLY controlled congress who agreed to war. Why should a firefighter go into a burning building to save some crackhead who dropped his lit pipe and caught his house on fire? He may not want to but that’s his job. Saddam has been a threat since Bush Sr’s administration, he needed taken out. I don’t want to get into a pissing match or lose my head here so I will stop here.