Matt Damon on Sarah Palin
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Matt Damon on Sarah Palin

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  1. Seriously, who really cares what Matt Damon thinks? [Yawn]

  2. I was really bored with this. I will listen to the opposing party if it’s worth it, but Matt Damon doesn’t sound informed. The interview was too vague almost politician like. Surely there are other celebrity liberals that could give a more convincing argument.

  3. This interview with a member of the Hollywood set is so typical of the left. I would really like to know what makes Matt Damon so important that he is sought out for his opinion on anything (along with Pamela Anderson) other than who might win the next Academy Award. I suppose one reason is that the unthinking citizens of this country will believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a Hollywood star is the gospel truth because he or she is so loved and adored by millions. Why not seek out the opinions of our soldiers, our ministers? Oh wait, can’t do the ministers. They don’t make us feel good about ourselves. They represent that part of our being that we have successfully buried in our souls, unless, of course, the minister is Jeremiah Wright. He appeals to our hatred of American capitilazation, so he’s okay. If Obama loses the election, he should seriously consider going into the ministry (Islam or Christianity?) or the movies.

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